GINGER - PAPAYA BOTTLE - Set of 3 - 245ml
GINGER - PAPAYA BOTTLE - Set of 3 - 245ml
GINGER - PAPAYA BOTTLE - Set of 3 - 245ml
GINGER - PAPAYA BOTTLE - Set of 3 - 245ml


GINGER - PAPAYA BOTTLE - Set of 3 - 245ml

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Organic Ginger Drink with Ginger and Turmeric Pieces Papaya Flavor

Dive into summer with our brand-new GING IT Papaya Bottles. This refreshing summer drink promises you pure energy and the freshness of summer in every sip. Feel the connection to a perfect day, just a single sip away – just as our slogan says.

With our GING IT Papaya Shot in your hands, you'll immediately be overwhelmed by a feeling of lifestyle, beach vibes, and the summer breeze. Imagine yourself driving along palm-fringed beaches in your convertible, feeling the sun on your skin, and savoring the moment to the fullest. Our Papaya Bottles bring this feeling to life and take you on a summery flavor journey.

Every sip of our GING IT Papaya Bottles is a true taste experience. The fruity sweetness of papaya perfectly blends with the zesty freshness of our handmade shots. This drink is more than just a beverage – it's a source of inspiration and well-being. Let yourself be inspired by its vitality and lightness.

Whether you're at a beach party, relaxing with friends by the pool, or simply wanting to experience the feeling of summer in your everyday life – our GING IT Papaya Bottles are the perfect choice. Enjoy the unique taste and let yourself be enveloped by the sun and the joy of summer.

Don't miss the opportunity to try this summer drink and enjoy the summery atmosphere to the fullest. Order your GING IT Papaya Bottles Summer Edition today and let yourself be enchanted by a perfect day just a sip away.

Note: Our GING IT Papaya Bottles Summer Edition is available for a limited time only. Order now and experience the taste of summer whenever you want!


  • Delivered in a cool gift box with set card

INGREDIENTS: Papaya Juice*, Apple Juice*, Ginger Pieces* 10%, Turmeric Pieces* 10%, Salt.

  • from controlled organic cultivation