SHOT- 30ml
SHOT- 30ml
SHOT- 30ml
SHOT- 30ml


SHOT- 30ml

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Discover the delicious GING-IT 30ml Shots - a true flavor explosion for your healthy lifestyle!

Ginger: Feel the invigorating sharpness and the beneficial effects of ginger. Perfect to kickstart your day with energy!

Turmeric: Immerse yourself in the golden world of turmeric - an antioxidant powerhouse with a mild, pleasant taste.

Mango: Enjoy the sweetness and exotic flair of juicy mango - a tropical experience for your palate.

Papaya: Experience the gentle sweetness and rich flavors of papaya - a taste sensation like a Caribbean breeze.

Choose your individual flavor experience:

14-pack (2 weeks): Try our exciting flavors in convenient 30ml shots for 2 weeks. Ideal for discovering your favorites or as a gift for your loved ones.

30-pack (monthly package): Dive into the fascinating variety of our shots for a whole month. Let yourself be inspired by the healthy freshness of our organic-certified ginger shots and the other delicious varieties.

The best for your health: Our 30ml shots are packed with natural ingredients that provide valuable nutrients and energize your body.

What are you waiting for? Choose health and pure enjoyment with our GING-IT 30ml Shots. Simply order online and experience something new every day!

Ingredients 30ml

Ginger: INGREDIENTS: Water, agave syrup*, ginger pieces* 19%, lemon juice concentrate*, turmeric pieces* 2%, baobab pulp*, gelling agent: agar-agar*; salt. * from controlled organic farming

Turmeric: INGREDIENTS: Water, agave syrup*, turmeric pieces* 13%, ginger pieces* 8%, lemon juice concentrate*, baobab pulp*, gelling agent: agar-agar*; coconut oil*, black pepper*, salt. * from controlled organic farming

Mango: INGREDIENTS: Mango puree*, apple juice*, turmeric pieces* 5%, ginger pieces* 3%, *; salt. * from controlled organic farming

Papaya: INGREDIENTS: Papaya juice*, apple juice*, ginger pieces* 10%, turmeric pieces* 10%, salt.

  • from controlled organic farming