Ginger Variety in a Gift Box!
Ginger Variety in a Gift Box!
Ginger Variety in a Gift Box!


Ginger Variety in a Gift Box!

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Discover the perfect gift - GING-IT's organic-certified Ginger Shots in a convenient 4-pack tray!

Natural Freshness: Our Ginger Shots are made with high-quality, organic-certified ginger to give you the invigorating power of nature. Enhanced with the delicious flavors of turmeric, sweet mango, and juicy papaya.

Diverse Flavors: Enjoy the harmonious combination of ginger, turmeric, mango, and papaya - a refreshing selection that will enchant your palate.

For Businesses and Events: Impress your business partners and employees with a refreshing gift of the highest quality, available on our exclusive B2B marketplace.

Every Occasion, Every Time: Whether as a token of appreciation, a gift for your loved ones, or a moment of indulgence for yourself - our Ginger Shots in the 4-pack tray are suitable for every occasion.

Health in Focus: Ginger and turmeric are known for their beneficial properties and can strengthen the immune system - the ideal gift for your health-conscious friends.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to GING-IT's Organic Ginger Shots in the 4-pack tray. Simply order online and enjoy the extraordinary taste experience!

Included are:

1 x 30ml Ginger Shot 1 x 30ml Turmeric Shot 1 x 30ml Mango Shot 1 x 30ml Papaya Shot